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Halal Makeup for Sale


As the popularity of vegan, organic, and cruelty-free makeup grows, it has become apparent that people care where their products come from, as well as how they are being made. However, we feel the need for halal beauty products has not yet been met, and we are here to bridge that gap.

What is halal?

Halal indicates what is permitted under Islamic (sharia) law. These are the ingredients that are manufactured, produced, and included in a way that complies with these rules. No products contain pork, any animals that were dead prior to slaughtering, blood, alcohol, or carnivorous animals.

How does halal differ from vegan?

Vegan products are allowed to contain alcohol, whereas halal products cannot. Likewise, halal products are allowed to contain certain parts of animals that were slaughtered properly, while this directly opposes vegan beliefs. Raazika Cosmetics is proud to be both halal-certified and vegan.

What is halal certification?

Our products have been halal-certified, meaning that every ingredient we use has been tracked to its source. Samples of our products are also sent to an independent lab to be tested for traces of pork or pork byproducts. Our cosmetics pass this test, which is why we confidently offer our makeup to those following halal.

Should you have any questions about our products and our halal certification, please contact us today.