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Our Mission


Our mission here at Raazika Cosmetics is to promote inclusivity and beauty everywhere we can. So many wonderful people are taken from this world too soon simply because they do not feel they can be themselves, or that they are not loved for being themselves. We aim to change that. With quality vegan, paraben-free, and halal-certified makeup of all colors, everyone who chooses us is free to experiment and grow into their unique style.

We are dedicated to ending bullying and empowering those who have become victims of bullying. First, we work through inclusivity. All people, of all genders and races, are free to experiment with our cosmetics and develop their own unique style. This self-expression often leads to increased confidence and surety, which we believe all people deserve to experience. Should you choose to purchase our cosmetics, we start the second step of our mission — a focus on working to end bullying and suicide. A portion of all our proceeds is donated to anti-bullying and suicide prevention campaigns.

Building each other up. Inviting color into our world. Reaching those of all faiths and religions. Connecting the beautiful people on our planet. That’s what Raazika Cosmetics believes.

“I am beautiful. I am strong.”