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Our Story

Raazika Cosmetics began when our founder, Khadija Ikram, was asked by a friend to help her with her makeup — even though she had no experience. However, through careful experimentation, dedicated learning, and excited clients, she became passionate about cosmetics and their ability to inspire confidence like she had never seen before.

When she suggested that makeup could help others, our company was born. “Raazika” is an Arabic word that means “one  who provides for others.” It also happens to be the name of our founder, a middle-school student, who has noticed the struggles of her peers. Low self-esteem and bullying can lead to serious problems, including drug use and alcohol abuse. We hope our company works as a platform for people to reach one another, encourage confidence, and inspire self-expression in people of all ages. So many beautiful people don’t realize how truly beautiful they are. We don’t want to change their natural beauty; instead, we seek to enhance it in the way our clients see fit.

Our goal is to offer products that absolutely anyone can use. We are inclusive and passionate about everyone’s self-expression; as a result, we invite all genders, sexual orientations, races, and sizes to experiment and create with our products. Shop Raazika Cosmetics today and find your color inspiration.


 “I am beautiful. I am strong.”